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Mechanical repair and Welding

Our shop and licensed technicians are fully trained and equipped for a wide range of repairs associated with the Commercial Transport,  RV/Motorhome and Utility trailer industries. Less down time for you means more time spent on the road!!

Provincial safety Inspections

Our technicians are fully qualified to perform Provincial Safety inspections of Commercial Transport equipment, Large Buses and all Utility Trailers. No more travelling to the next major town or city to have these performed. Stay within the Invermere area and know your equipment will be back to you shortly.

Lube Oil and Filter

With a 20ft long service/lube pit, our technicians are able to move freely under your large, heavy equipment. With better mobility comes better performance. And in and industry where time is money, better performance means more money in your pocket.


Our 24/7 mobile repair unit is ready and willing to come and rescue you from a breakdown situation. Whether it be a basic service, a mechanical / electrical repair or mobile welding. One phone call is all it takes.


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